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Uchisar Castle

Uçhisar Castle is the largest and most beautiful fairy chimney seen from all over Cappadocia. The summit of the castle is the only place where Cappadocia can be seen from a bird’s eye view. All the valleys from Pigoen Valley to Avanos, Ortahisar Castle, Göreme Town, Göreme Open Air Museum, that is, the whole of Cappadocia are under your feet.

Goreme Open Air Museum

It is a rock settlement located 2 kilometers east of Göreme Town. M.S. An intense monastic life took place in Göreme from the 4th century to the 13th century. There are churches, chapels, dining halls and seating areas on almost every rock block. The churches in Göreme Open Air Museum were painted with two types of techniques. The first is the painting made directly on the rock surface, and the second is the painting made on the rock with secco (tempera) and fresco techniques. The topics covered in the church are taken from the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ. Today’s Göreme Open Air Museum is the place where the religious education system was started.

Love Vally

Love Valley, also known as the Valley of Lovers, is among the meeting points in Cappadocia for those who want to experience romance to the fullest as well as those who want to witness a magnificent visuality. This valley, which is one of the must-see places in Cappadocia, is 4900 meters long. The vineyards and fruit trees in the valley, which fascinates every visitor with its impressive fairy chimneys, are expressed as the closest companions of the visitors. Love Valley, located within the borders of Göreme, is one of the places where the most wonderful sunrise and sunset can be watched. The feast created by balloons floating in the air should definitely be witnessed.


We will stop for lunch provided by us at a good restaurant.

Avanos Pottery Workshop

You can find completely handmade products in Avanos pottery workshops, watch pottery making and make your own pottery.

Devrent Vally (Dream Valley)

Devrent Valley, also known as Dream Valley, is a place where the most interesting and fantastic fairy chimneys of Cappadocia are located. Because the fairy chimneys here resemble animal and human shapes, it is called Dream Valley. In Devrent Dream Valley, you can experience the most surrealist shaped fairy chimneys of the region, nature and landscapes that will make you feel like you are on the moon.

Pasabag Vally (Valley of the Priests)

One of the valleys where you can see the Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys most clearly is the Cappadocia Paşabağ Priests Valley. The valley, named after both Paşabağ and Priests, is famous for its fairy chimneys that have managed to maintain their shape for centuries. With all these features, Cappadocia Paşabağ Priests Valley is one of the most important valleys of the region. Cappadocia Paşabağ Priests Valley, known as the most characteristic area of Cappadocia, also hosts a church.

  •  Delight your taste buds with local delicacies along the way with a delicious lunch.
  •  Learn how to make traditional pottery with the included pottery workshop.
  •  Travel back in time as your guide tells you the history of Cappadocia.
  •  Let the magnificent view of Uçhisar Castle take your breath away.
  •  Take photos to share the fairy chimneys in Paşabağ and Love Valley.

Tour Plan

  • Enjoy the view of the nearby fairy chimneys and learn the history behind them
  • Make your own pottery and experience the past in the pottery workshop
  • Taste traditional Turkish dishes in a decent restaurant
  • Experience a bird's eye view of Cappadocia from Uçhisar castle


  • Guide
  • Meals
  • Insurance
  • Transport
  • Other included Hygiene protocol
  • Other not included


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